Kathy Bailey


 Half Dome, Whole Heart is the outdoorsy romance novel you've been looking for. 

A chance encounter and a freak storm have trapped Donna in a tiny tent with the President's son. She’s hoping he can get Yosemite to the top of the funding priority list. He hopes spending time with her will soften his bad-boy image. Will one night in a tent lead to them helping each other without losing their hearts? 


BRIDEZILLA is Barbie meets The Incredible Hulk. Scientist Claire Mulholland is trying to figure out why women in her hometown -- including her -- are developing strange symptoms in response to stress. It's putting everything she cares about in danger -- her job, her marriage, and her best friendship. Will she risk it all to uncover the truth? 

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Romance and More

Kathy writes romance, poetry, science fiction, and more. She lives in the midwest with three kids, two dogs, and one husband.